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Wine Journalist, Critic & Judge @LizPalmer_ Reviews Our Burgundy Film



@moviolavideo #excellent #Documentary Rudi! You captured the spirit of #Burgundy through its winemakers, producers, chefs & marketers!

— Liz Palmer (@LizPalmer_) August 16, 2016



Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine will certainly stimulate your senses.

Rudi Goldman has clearly captured the spirit of Burgundy through its winemakers, producers, chefs and marketers.

You get a glimpse into the lives of Burgundians (in the industry) at the same time you get some education on the wines, climate, viticulture and harvest, with soft classical music in the background.

And it is a fact -- sipping Burgundy does taste better when you are in the region!

Liz Palmer
Author and Wine Journalist



Liz Palmer is a well-respected wine journalist with over 12 years of experience and has an international reputation as a critic and judge. Liz offers articles about wine tasting, wine travel, and winemakers. Her first book, The Ultimate Guide To Champagne, is due out fall 2016.

Her articles have appeared in: Forbes, Huffington Post, China Wine News, Beauty & The Bull Magazine, Heart Business Journal For Women, GAM on Yachting, National Wedding and Luxury Magazines both in USA and Canada. 




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