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READ THE ARTICLE by Terry Sullivan

The film, Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine certainly delivers on the passion of the winemakers and people featured in the film. Viewers gain the sense that Burgundy is a special place and the wines crafted are exceptional. During the film, winemakers discuss Burgundy and the wines. The viewer learns that winemaking in Burgundy is a challenge. There are very strict rules. However, the growers and winemakers are quick to point out that within those rules they can show their creativity. We hear winemakers using words like finesse  and elegance to describe Burgundian wines. The wines are a reflection of the place. Terroir is frequently mentioned, with the caveat that from one vineyard to another the nuances may be very little, but in Burgundy they are there. One of my favorite statements was that you can drink Burgundian wine anywhere in the world. “But in Burgundy it tastes better.”

The film, Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine was filmed by filmmaker and videographer Rudi Goldman. His wife, Dr. Lydia Bokken, was a production partner. Beautiful landscapes, dusty cellars, bricks, quarried stones and  oak barrels are the backgrounds for many of the film’s talent. The film can make you want to travel and experience Burgundy for the first time or a repeat visit.



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