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International Distribution Deals inked With Under The Milky Way 

And Source 1 Media


Rudi Goldman Productions has executed licensing deals with Paris-based digital distribution and marketing company Under The Milky Way and Netherlands-based distributor Source 1 Media for the award-wining feature documentary film Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine.


Combination Of Traditional & Digital Distribution

 Plans are for world-wide distribution in selected markets via VOD (video on demand), EST (electronic sell through), broadcast television and cable, as well as DVD sales.

Netherlands based distributor Source 1 Media has licensedTV and home video rights, including VOD and DVD.   for the Benelux, France, U.K. and Scandinavia.  

Digital film distributer Under The Milky Way will handle EST and VOD rental distribution on major platforms (Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft, Sony, Xbox, VUDU)  in a phased approach in regional and international territories including the U.S., Canada, Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain.  

Under The Milky Way is an international company dedicated to digital film distribution and marketing.  The organization is fully operational in more than 100 territories, working out of 13 regional offices in Europe, North America and Asia

The multiple award-winning Burgundy feature documentary film will begin a platform by platform release on 13 October 2016.  


See the film on the launch day!  Pre-launch orders now available on VHX.  Gift your Burgundy-loving friends!


The Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine feature documentary film explores the vitality and joie de vivre lifestyle of the local people against the backdrop of the region’s oldest, traditional wine celebratory events of the annual Trois Glorieuses. 

Through a colorful mosaic of stories this 60-minute documentary film aims to demystify the world-famous French winemaking region and offers a rare insider glimpse into the lives of the passionate people working in Burgundy's wine industry. 


Some Wine World Reactions

“Enjoyed the movie. It's a good primer on Burgundy.”
James Suckling
One of the world's most influential wine critics


“Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine will certainly stimulate your senses. Rudi Goldman has clearly captured the spirit of Burgundy through its winemakers, producers, chefs and marketeers.”
Liz Palmer
Internationally recognized author and wine Journalist


"Love your film. It’s truly Burgundy. The atmosphere and the images are beautifully filmed."
Gert Crum
Internationally reputed wine journalist and educator


I just watched "Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine” film. Loved it... Congrats on the great work!!!  Tip of the hat to Rudi Goldman who beautifully captured the distinctive identity of the region. #HighlyRecommended for #winelover-s
Luiz #winelover Alberto
TheWineHub.com #winelover


“Rudi, in this film, you managed to capture the spirit of Burgundy through its personalities, its wines and traditions. It’s a big work that you made and you are a great and sincere ambassador of Burgundy. Santé!"
François Desperriers
Director, Bourgogne Live Productions


"I really enjoyed the movie. I think it is informative and also fun, which differentiates it from many other Burgundy documentaries. For me it was a new way of explaining Burgundy. It will definitely catch lots of attention and is a great gift for Burgundy lovers!”

Seyma Bas
Brand Manager, Château de Pommard 


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