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@PBMMW Review Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine - Making You Want To Make The Trip


"Capturing the pain and the pleasure in equal parts seems very important in the film. It’s what many TV shows in particular have missed out on in the past. You can’t have just a film of people getting drunk in a barn, same as you can’t have just a few chats in palatial Châteaux with sommeliers. From the brief trailer I’ve seen that’s what this Burgundy film does well. All the players in the industry get a go, from the winemaker to the end…ahem…consumer."


 READ THE ARTICLE by Mike Turner - Please Bring Me My Wine  @PBMMW


Stocking Filler

"£15 might sound a bit punchy, but the work that’s gone into this is evident. So maybe a stocking filler for the Burgundy nut in your life, or even better for the budding film-maker that fancies a go at something similar. It appears very neatly done, and very watchable.


Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine is available…

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