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Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine 

Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine: 

Winning awards and attracting an international wine-loving following


The recently-released, multiple award-winning Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine feature documentary film, can now be found world-wide on popular video platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and In Demand.  Amazon in the UK and France carry a DVD with English, French and Dutch subtitles. 

The 60-minute documentary film, created for a rapidly growing wine-lifestyle loving public, aims to demystify the world-famous French winemaking region.  The film offers a rare insider glimpse into the lives of the passionate people working in Burgundy's wine industry, through a colorful mosaic of stories. The film is being touted by many internationally-followed wine writers and industry professionals.


I watched the Burgundy movie and I love it! It is so charming. It was visually stimulating and heartwarming.
Michelle Williams
Wine Writer, 
Rockin Red Blog , Snooth - Writer-in Residence 


Saw the film, loved it!

Catherine Todd
Wine Writer 
Dame Wine


Enjoyed the movie. It's a good primer on Burgundy. 

James Suckling
One of the world's most influential wine critics


I really enjoyed how you captured various aspects of Burgundian and French culture across winemaking. I also appreciate your additions of the barrel making and truffle hunting, neither of which I have seen before in any film.

Dr. Elizabeth Smith
Wine Writer 
Traveling Wine Chick


I just watched "Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine” film. Loved it... Congrats on the great work!!!  Tip of the hat to Rudi Goldman who beautifully captured the distinctive identity of the region.

Luiz Alberto (#winelover)
Wine Blogger


There is a genuine honesty to the film's narrative that gives viewers a chance to feel the emotional rollercoaster this is Burgundy.

Julie Albin
Wine Writer
Wine Geographic


Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine will certainly stimulate your senses.

Liz Palmer
Wine Writer


If you love Burgundy and its wines, but haven’t been there, this beautifully rendered movie is a real treat.

Joe Roberts
Wine Writer


Rudi Goldman’s film Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine certainly delivers on the passion of the winemakers and the people featured in the film

Terry Sullivan
Wine Writer
Wine Trail Traveler



It is a film for all of us who love wine in general and Burgundy in particular.

Magnus Reuterdahl
Wine Writer




 Your beautiful photography whisked me back to Burgundy and so many wonderful memories of our time there a few years back. I will be recommending this film to my many wine lover friends.

Tom Riley
Wine Writer & Educator
The Grape Belt 


Loved the film. I will recommend it to my Level 2 students. It captures the spirit and uniqueness of Burgundy without being overly academic or overly poetic. Well done!

Stacy Sullivan Woods 
Boston University


Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine is quite diverse, full of atmosphere and educational to boot.

Lars Daniëls MV
Wine Writer, Senior Editor


Rudi, in this film you managed to capture the spirit of Burgundy through its personalities, its wines and traditions. It's a big work that you made and you are a great and sincere ambassador of Burgundy.  Santé!

François Desperriers
Director, Bourgogne Live Productions


Through your lens you seamlessly bring the audience into Burgundy, providing glimpses of life, love, passion and struggle, while keeping it lively with ever-changing scenes. You captured not only the spirit of the people and their wine, but also their soul and passion.

Bob Lipinski
Food & Wine Writer
Bob Lipinski Consulting


Love your film. It’s truly Burgundy. The atmosphere and the images are beautifully filmed.

Gert Crum
Internationally reputed wine journalist and educator


You nailed the soul of a noble region in this film, Rudi. Chapeau!

L.M. Archer
Wine Writer 
binNotes | redThread ™



Film Festivals

Winner: Hollywood International Independent Documentary Award

Winner: International Independent Film Awards - Spring Session

Finalist:  Los Angeles CineFest

Official Selection: Wine Country Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Award, Miami Independent film Festival, Roma Cinema DOC, Wine Country Film Festival



European Premier - Riga Wine & Champagne, La Paulée de Riga celebration at Forum Cinema’s Kino Citadele on November 27, 2016, Riga, Latvia

North American Premier - Sept 23, 2016 at the 30th Wine Country Film Festival in 

Sonoma Country, California.


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